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Zero Point One Consulting


It takes as little as 0.1 seconds to make a lasting impression on the consumers mind.

At 0.1, I try to make every fraction count and help brands unlock growth and scale revenues. The right communication, at the right place and at the right time for maximum ROI.

The Simple Point 

A Blog and weekly newsletter

‘The Simple Point’, is a website and weekly newsletter

with handpicked reads from all corners of the internet in a simple, immersive, and informative format. 

With its upcoming podcast & video content, it is positioned to be a thought leader for the next generation of ambitious young professionals with more than 4k subscribers already.

The Simple Spaces


Self curated carbon minimal premium service apartments in Delhi NCR. Each unique stay offers welcome solace to weary travellers embracing the values of tasteful and convenient sustainability.

The pilot apartment is situated in the heart of the city, featuring green energy, hydroponic gardens and upcycled furnishings, with 2 more in progress.

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